The Figaro Digital Monthly Digest: September

by Figaro Digital

The kids have gone back to school and the weather has turned, but the digital marketing industry has not slowed. Check out the biggest stories from the last four weeks in the second of our new look monthly round-ups below.

The Latest Social News

Instagram’s Founders Have Stepped Down

This month, Instagram’s co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger announced they will be leaving the firm. They said this was to “explore [their] curiosity and creativity again,” however there are rumours that the pair felt stifled by Mark Zuckerberg who bought Instagram back in 2012 for $1bn (£760m).

The pair have run the photo app since 2010 as Chief Executive and Chief Technical Officer and continued to do so after it was acquired. However, as Mr Systrom said, they are “now ready for our next chapter” and there are no hard feelings.

Let’s wait and see what these entrepreneurs do next.

Amazon And Snapchat Partner To Make Pictures Shoppable

(Image source: Snapchat)

Instagram has offered shoppable imagery for some time now and this month it was revealed that Snapchat is getting in on the act.

If a current trial is successful, users will soon be able to access a new visual search feature which allows you to snap a picture of a product or bar code and use the image to find the product on Amazon and buy it.

The Latest Google News

Google Turns 20!

This month marks two decades since Google was dreamed up by a pair of PhD students and the search giant is celebrating by launching lots of new features and a refreshed user experience across platforms.

For example, when you revisit a search query from the past, a handy card will be presented which will display all your previous steps and related search queries you may find relevant.

Users will also soon be able to save search results directly from activity cards, and selected videos will appear in searches as well as related sub-topics.

Lastly, there will also be a new tab called ‘Discover’ added to the Google search app where content recommendations based on your interests will live.

The Latest in Branding

Weight Watchers Rebrands As WW

Weight Watchers has slimmed down its name and rebranded itself as WW as what it says marks “the next stage of the company’s evolution.” This next chapter will involve the brand’s focus moving away from weight loss and towards overall health and wellness.

Rather confusingly, Mindy Grossman, the company’s Chief Executive’, said that ‘WW’ is not short for ‘Weight Watchers’; neither is it ‘wellness that works’ which is a phrase the company has trademarked. In fact, she was unable to explain what they stood for but instead said it was “a marque” for the brand which “represents our heritage and history and what we are going forward.”

Many commenters have suggested the company has had a shift up amid a backlash against the word ‘weight’, whereas others have mocked the name.

Uber Launches New Look To Reflect ‘Changing’ App

Uber has a new visual identity designed by Wolff Olins which it says will focus on ‘accessibility’ and ‘safety’. The aim? To change its image in terms of branding and perception.

Gone is the former circle within a square icon and in its place is a simple wordmark.

“Uber has grown from a tech start-up to a global company. […] It needed a simple brand system that worked globally. This system can be localised with specific content, making it both more relevant to local audiences and more recognisable around the world.” Molly Watson, Director of Verbal Identity at Wolff Olins

Channel 4 Launches Its ‘Eclectic, Unpredictable’ Rebrand Across All Of Its Channels

Channel 4 has set about making each of its channels distinct yet cohesive with a new design which also looks to accommodate audiences’ increased digital consumption on smaller screens.

All the group’s channels have been refreshed by 4Creative and ManvsMachine, and corporate logo will evolve from a multi-coloured 3D shape to a 2D design.

Our Favourite Campaign Of The Month

(image source: Fifa)

This month, we’re taking a closer look at… FIFA and its Champions Rise campaign.

FIFA 19 was released on 28th September, but ahead of its launch there was a great push to build excitement around the release of the game.

Adam & Eve/DDB released a trailer featuring some of the sport’s biggest stars, including Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, and Kylian Mbappe, which montaged players of both games merge to represent how FIFA 19 will allow players to become their heroes.

The game was made available to pre-order and eager purchasers could also download a demo to get a taste of the game before it was released. Teamed with a plethora of YouTube videos, influential social sharing by the video’s featured soccer stars, and relevant blog content, this campaign has done extremely well to engage potential players and build excitement around the release and anticipation to play the game.

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