The Figaro Digital Digest: 25th May 2018

by Figaro Digital

It’s been a big week for social media and we have gathered all the latest news from your favourite digital marketing platforms below.

Instagram Announces Soon To Be Launched Mute Option

We’re all connected to a person who posts way too many Instagram snaps, but you don’t want to unfollow them because occasionally they post a real gem. Well, Instagram has announced that it’s taking a page out of Facebook’s, well… book, and is introducing a mute option. This will allow you to hide accounts from your feed without having to unfollow them.

Instagram said this will allow users to personalise their feeds after much demand, and that the change will be useful for managing complex social dynamics. From a security point of view, the person being muted will not be notified that they have been hidden from your feed.

The social image app is also adding a ‘You’re all caught up!’ indicator which will appear when you’ve viewed all the photos and videos posted by people you follow in the last 48 hours. This is now necessary as Instagram no longer shows posts in chronological order, but shows posts it thinks you would more likely be interested in first.

Klout Will Soon Analyse Its Last Social Media Account



Lithium Technologies has announced it will be shutting down its social reputation service, Klout, this month. Despite being bought for $200million back in 2014, Lithium Technologies have stated it no longer aligns with their long-term goals.

Pete Hess, Lithium’s CEO has written:

“Our goal with [our] AI and machine learning investments is to improve our customer care capabilities across the board, whether that’s self-service, peer-to-peer, or direct-to-brand.

The Klout acquisition provided Lithium with valuable AI and machine learning capabilities but Klout as a standalone service is not aligned with our long-term strategy.”

€1 Trillian Of European Retail Sales Will Be Digitally Influenced By 2021

According to research by Forrester, more than half (55 per cent) of European retail sales will either take place online or be digitally-influenced offline sales by 2021. With this, smartphones and tablets are expected to influence €620 billion (around £525 billion) of retail sales in 2022 – equal to 81 per cent of all digitally-influenced retail sales.

140+ Character Tweets Get More Attention

According to The eWord, tweets of more than 140 characters generate greater attention. Mobile users linger for an extra 0.5 seconds if a tweet contains more than 140 characters, whereas people spend up to 0.7 seconds longer on tweets if they contain an image.

It has also been reported that mobile users will dwell on a tweet which has more than 140 characters for a second longer than desktop users. Whereas if a longer tweet also contains an image, users will view it for an average of 2.4 seconds compared to 1.9 seconds if the tweet didn’t include media.


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