Six Essential Takeaways from Opticon 2015

by RedEye RedEye

Chris Gibbins, Head of User Experience at RedEye, attended this year’s Opticon Conference in San Francisco. Here, he outlines six key takeaways and highlights the importance of conversion-rate-optimisation and personalisation

We recently attended Opticon in San Francisco and were really pleased to have won the Optie Award for Best CRO Solutions Partner of the Year. We were actually joint winners with Clearhead—a digital optimisation agency from Austin, Texas—so congratulations to them too.

There were some great talks this year at Opticon, from such a wide variety of industry experts that I couldn’t possibly cover everything in this post. Instead, I thought I would summarise my top six takeaways from the two day event. If you’re interested in a full recap then you can find it here.


The importance of placing the customer at the heart of everything you do. This doesn’t just mean paying lip service to it, but really acting on customer data and insights. This underlying message shone through many of the talks and discussions I listened to. The great news is that, with personalisation, it is now possible to do something with all that that customer data, as opposed to just making pretty reports.


The whole topic of personalisation was discussed frequently throughout the two-day event and, in particular, how personalisation will ultimately help us to deliver better customer experiences. In his keynote speech, Dan Siroker announced Optimizely’s brand new personalisation tool which was one of the biggest talking points of the whole event.


Integration is the way forward for technology companies, as opposed to developing tools that try to do everything. Mary Hamilton from Accenture touched on this subject in her talk about technology trends and the ‘we economy’. She discussed how one tech provider can’t hope to do everything perfectly and so great integrations are what they should focus on.


It’s important to of create a culture of testing and experimentation in your company. This is a fairly old topic but still just as relevant for many clients who are just getting going with conversion rate optimisation. Being prepared for some of your ideas to be wrong is just one of the important lessons and sometimes you just need to get stuck in and start testing rather than wait around to get everything perfect.


App testing is now a reality and the technology is here to help you optimise your brand’s iOS and Android apps. There was a great case study from the eBay Classifieds Group team on this.


And finally, it was great to see how open other conversion-rate-optimisation (CRO) teams were to sharing their best practices and experiences. I had some great discussions with other teams from around the world about their own CRO working processes, team structures and how well they are all doing at the moment.

There is such a buzz around CRO and personalisation: it really is an incredibly exciting time to be part of such a vibrant and growing community!



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