Reckless Reborn: The Inside Story Of An Agency Rebrand

by Emily Strickland Reckless

Digital Marketing Agency, Reckless has undergone a complete rebrand, revealing its new sector position, a refreshed logo and website.

The agency, who have offices in Chester, London and Paris, said that the new rebrand and positioning is part of its wider ‘Reckless Reborn’ campaign.

The campaign will see Reckless communicate a distinct shift in the way it is seen within the sector and how it approaches every project and client. Reckless are customer engagement specialists, focused on creating meaningful and profitable relationships between clients and their customers.

Following the launch of their new brand, we asked Reckless to share their story…

We would love to tell you that the choice was a strategic decision born from our world domination masterplan… but we would be lying.

One of the key moments that drove the decision to rebrand was after interviewing a number of new candidates who were really blown away by the agency when they had come in to see us face to face. It was a bit embarrassing really, but we’d just been so busy with client work that we hadn’t taken time to look after ourselves.

2016 saw Reckless celebrate its 9th Anniversary. Over the years, the agency has matured greatly. Our position within the market has kept pace, becoming a leading agency, as recognised by winning ‘Best New Business Culture’ at the UK Agency Awards and being voted 6th Elite Agency in the UK as well.



Our brand however, simply hadn’t evolved and the site did little to reflect what and who we were.

The value that your brand represents to your overall company can be as much as 15%. For businesses such as Coca Cola, that figure can peak to 50%. No pressure to get things right then! The decision to embark on a rebranding activity is not one that should be taken lightly. The level of resource, time and money required can be exhaustive across all levels of the business.

People are quick to think that a rebrand is simply a shiny new logo. If only. Figures suggest that implementation can cost as much as 20 times the price of design. Managing Director, Callum Reckless will be glad to hear the Reckless rebrand didn’t quite peak to such a figure!

A New Direction

Throughout life people take on a new look to reflect a significant change in their life. A new hair colour as you wave goodbye to your ex, a new wardrobe as you check into your new career path. Brands are no different. Like people, brands are not static, they change. Brands are continually evolving and developing to reflect the current values, position and direction of the business.

The Reckless brand was no different. Holding true to many of its founding values, the brand had established a distinct position within the digital landscape and a clear sense of direction – the time had come to refresh the brand allowing communication of our evolution both internally and externally.

Where to Begin

A distinct difference from your regular rebrand was the fact that a) this was Reckless; nothing is ‘regular’ and b) we weren’t reinventing the wheel here. The aim was not create a whole new brand; the task was to evolve the brand. The brief was simple; create a brand identity that reflected the current position, values and direction of the agency.

It was almost ironic, despite being engagement specialist, for too long we had neglected our own relationship with our brand; it was time to change. Key to that change was altering the way in which the team viewed the project. From the off it was agreed that the project was to be treated like any other client project. Reckless would be classed as a ‘client’. This meant appointing an Account Manager who would drive forward the project and be accountable for ensuring adherence to project deadlines and milestones. This was a critical success factor in ensuring the project was completed this side of 2020!

With our team sheet agreed, the next step was to create an identity; after all the whole task came about because no one could actually say what our brand identity was. It was time to do what Reckless do best; research and delve into the data.

Staging a series of discovery sessions featuring input from our creative, development and marketing teams, a series of key themes emerged that were synonymous with the Reckless brand. The texture of wood… the colour pink… linear lines; all appeared as key themes. The problem? As much as these themes were synonymous they weren’t symbolic of the Reckless agency standing before them. Time to throw caution to the wind and let the designers loose!


More Than Just a Logo

After locking themselves away to really focus on the task in hand, the design team invited us to an exclusive screening. The result? Reckless had been reborn. The new logo represented a new era for Reckless.

But the logo was just the start. With a clear visual identity, the dominoes began to fall in place and it was full steam ahead for the launch. This meant copy and design creation for all pages of the newly positioned website… design and implementation of digital assets for all 20 (and counting!) team members design…. purchasing of all marketing collateral… reskinning of over 6 social media channels…. You get the idea, the list was seemingly endless!

Was It Worth It?

Ask us again in 6 months – the wounds are still too raw! In all seriousness though; 100% yes. We have a home-grown brand that is loved, used and understood by our team, clients and peers of the industry.

Some Words of Wisdom

Make a Plan: Its sounds simple, yet so easily forgotten. Many times we nearly found ourselves falling into this trap, but by putting in place clear team structure (Account Manager etc), we were able to save ourselves. You would never start a client project without a plan, so why treat your own project any differently?

Become a client: A critical success factor was our ability to treat ourselves as a client. In doing so we ensured the team treated the project with the respect and level of priority it deserved.

Own it: Let your team own the brand. Most agencies are born from the raw passion of a founding member; it is essentially their baby. By letting go of ownership and allowing the team to become part of the brand, cements an inclusive team identity as well as opening up a whole new direction creatively.

Nothing is perfect: And that’s ok. As we highlighted at the start of this article, brands, like people are always evolving. During the 6 months of our rebranding exercise, the business has once again shifted. The agency has welcomed 4 new team members (with 2 more on the way!) and extended its service offerings. This doesn’t mean that the new brand is now instantaneously outdated, far from it.

From the moment the words “what is our brand?” were uttered, to the launch date of Tuesday 20th September the whole process has been a really enjoyable and fun experience. The insight we have gained about ourselves as an agency has enabled us to tweak our processes to bring about even greater efficiencies not only internally, but also for our clients.  As the agency continues to evolve and break new ground, the Reckless brand will continue to do so too.