Preparing for Black Friday 2015: Key Trends That Could Determine Success

by Awin

Written by Matt Swan, Head of Business Intelligence, Affiliate Window’s whitepaper assesses the Black Friday phenomenon and how retailers can prime their affiliate campaigns for success in 2015

Last year Affiliate Window’s publishers recorded one million sales in the UK over the four day pre-Christmas peak trading period, bookended by Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

With affiliates driving 13.4 million clicks and £77m in sales revenue across 1,400 advertisers in 2014 on the network, we have high hopes that this year’s event will smash all comers. With this in mind, getting Black Friday right will be critical to the success or otherwise of our advertisers’ performance this Christmas.

This document therefore offers some insights about what we learned last year, trends to anticipate in 2015 and what to consider when planning activity. We’ll take a look at the role various devices played as well as the impact this had throughout different periods of Black Friday.

We also consider how advertisers can better engage blogger and content sites over this key trading period and provide an interactive report to allow you to explore our 2014 data for yourselves.

Download the whitepaper here.