Listen To Your Users And Improve Your Web Experience

by Susanne Wraight RedEye

Ask someone to describe a brave action and you are likely to get big, bold examples: “skydiving”, “doing stand-up” or “entering a burning building”. While these are all certainly things that take courage, they’re also about doing something, about taking action. But sometimes being brave isn’t about taking action, sometimes it’s about letting go and putting your faith in someone else.

We can apply this principle when we talk about the role of user experience in CRO. Often, the hardest thing can be to let go of the idea that you know what is best for your website, and putting your faith in your users. New visual designs or additional features regularly get approved as tests for CRO. But, if you suggest taking something away to focus on what is really important to the user,  you’re likely to face more resistance. Removing distractions to refine the user experience has been proven to increase conversions for those who dare. Take the leap of faith!

We talk a lot about the importance of creating and implementing brave tests on your website, but maybe the bravest thing of all is really listening to your users – a move that would feel very brave for many! Of course, it’s not unusual to be afraid that users will be highly critical of your website. Feedback from users can often lead to progress made being dismissed, and future roadmaps ripped up. But, if you appreciate business needs and realise that what users do is more relevant than what they say, empathising with users’ struggles can enthuse a team to improve the experience like nothing else.

The UK Government Digital Service book insists that stakeholders must have spent time with a user in the last six weeks to be able to provide useful input to a project. Yet it’s easy to find sites that have NEVER done any user research. Is that brave or just foolhardy?

So, let’s say you’ve been brave, listened to your users and refined their experience to improve conversion: what next? We think that once you’ve got a taste for bravery there’s no looking back. You’ll want to know even more about your users and run regular tests to improve both their experience and your conversions. So what are you waiting for? It doesn’t have to be big or showy. Just be brave.

If you haven’t already, make sure you sink your teeth into our White Paper – it goes into lots more depth about why thinking big when it comes to CRO can pay off faster and reap even greater rewards.