The Launch of a New Search Engine: Will it make a ‘Splash’?

by Figaro Digital

So, you’ve written a kick-ass blog post and it’s been proofread by your editor, but before you upload it to the CMS you need to add a little colour and make it more eye-catching with some imagery. But where do you look for your public domain pics?

A brand new search engine, Splash, now allows users to search for the perfect picture using rudimental sketches in your chosen colours.

Introducing a ‘Splash’ of Colour

Photography website 500px has launched a brand new way of finding the ideal imagery. There’s no need to search for keywords anymore, instead pick a colour and get doodling!

The search engine will generate image results that most closely match the colours used and where you have placed them. And it’s all done in real time.

make a splash

Don’t panic; you don’t have to be the next Da Vinci to master this art image search. You simply need to be able to use a mouse and select from the five Splash groups of images:

1. Landscapes
2. People
3. Animals
4. Travel
5. City

In the press release announcement of Splash’s launch, Kelly Thompson, Head of Product at 500px, said:

“This is a way of searching images that has never been done before. Splash makes it much easier for creatives to find the exact image they are looking for on the 500px Marketplace.”

splash pics

When you find an image you love, simply select it, check the licensing on it, and purchase it right from the 500px marketplace. You will have to become a member first though.

Check Splash out for yourself here.

Our Verdict

We had a play around with the new image search tool and put our A Level in Art to the test.


We think Splash is a fun and innovative way of locating the picture-perfect image for your newest blog post or landing page. And the colour matching technology will help considerably when looking to keep branding colours consistent. We’ll definitely be giving it a go over the next week or so.

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