Influencing The Entire Booking Lifecycle With Authentic Travel Content

by Dan Almond Stackla

In travel, inspiration is key and experience is everything. But which types of content most inspire, validate and influence people to make the leap from lookers to bookers?

It’s not the picture-perfect professional photos that are front and centre on most travel and tourism sites. It’s the authentic images and videos real travellers are creating online everyday.

A recent Stackla study found that 86 per cent of people — and 92 per cent of Gen Z — have become interested in traveling to a specific location after seeing images from friends, family and peers on social media.

And that’s not just talk; a growing number of people say user-generated content (UGC) is the most influential content they reference when researching travel and increasingly book trips based on authentic social images.

Sixty percent of people said content from friends, peers or other consumers was the most influential in their booking decisions — up from 42 percent in 2017 — with only 2 percent citing social influencer content as being significantly impactful.

In fact, most people (52 per cent) now say they’ve made plans to visit a specific destination based on a user-generated image or video — up from 43 per cent in 2017. And with over 89 per cent of people saying they’d post about a positive travel experience, there are heaps of authentic and freely available travel visuals for brands to tap into to help inspire and motivate audiences to book their own exciting travel experiences.

So how can you effectively leverage this massively impactful content throughout all your marketing touchpoints? Attend my presentation at Figaro Digital’s Travel & Leisure Spotlight on 28 March to find out!