Figaro Digital Marketing Summit Roundup: 24 October 2019 (Part Two)

by Caroline Barrow Figaro Digital

Part two of our Summit roundup focuses on the key takeaways from the other half of the presentations from the day. Our speakers cover a variety of areas, including content and translation, attribution, and Google ads. Recap or catch up on what you missed and follow the links to the full presentations. If you missed part one of the roundup, you can read it here.

The 7Cs Framework: How to Reassess and Challenge Holistic Marketing Performance

David Angus, Strategy Director at Curated, showed how old school marketing theory can still be relevant to modern brands, how to think strategically in a fast-moving environment, and how to challenge the way you usually think about marketing. He offered useful advice and explained how to know whether you need to challenge, reassess, or pivot your marketing strategy.

David emphasised the value of understanding the customer in order to create relevant and appropriate content. He discussed the role of prioritisation in your marketing strategy, breaking down how to choose business criteria and how these work together to show where you should be focusing your energy.

David finished by talking through some case studies, illustrating how Curated has helped brands to improve their strategies in a number of ways, such as helping their customer understanding. Watch David’s full presentation here.

Find Your Perfect Audience with Google Ads

Gareth Morgan, Managing Director at Liberty Marketing, pointed to the three important things to start with when it comes to Google ads: the location of the person doing the search, what device they’re using, and when they’re doing the search. From this, Gareth explained that you can work out which people are most likely to spend with your brand at different times. Add demographics to this, combined with people’s search history, and Google builds up a good idea of what people are interested in and how you, as marketers, can target them.

Gareth broke down different types of audiences, including customer affinity audiences, in-market audiences, and customer intent audiences. He focused on the importance of life events (such as graduation, marriage, and moving house) in when to target potential customers, and also on the value of retargeting. Watch Gareth’s full presentation from our April 2019 Summit here.

Attribution Is Broken – How to Fix Yours Without Spending a Ton of Money

Skip Fidura, author, speaker, and expert, discussed the complexities of calculating ROI and provided some useful tips on how to do it more effectively. He showed how to compare different marketing channels and their efficacy for ROI, explained how to calculate the average value of your customers across different channels, and showed how to calculate your revenue for each channel.

Skip explained how understanding these things allows you to calculate the maximum cost of acquisition you should spend on each channel. He offered some examples to illustrate how to achieve your goals using this method and broke down multiple different models, both simple and more complex. Watch Skip’s full presentation here.