The Figaro Digital Digest: 16th December 2016

by Liberty Marketing

If you’ve been naughty and eaten all the chocolates out of your advent calendar already, don’t worry, we’ve a special treat for you: a round-up of this week’s digital news.

Live Video is Now Available on Twitter

We’ve blogged previously about how the major social media networks are influenced by one another and are constantly bringing out similar features. And this latest update is no different – Twitter is now supporting live video functionality.
On Wednesday 14th December, Twitter announced the new option on its blog that you can now create and tweet love video from its Twitter app. This functionality is powered by Periscope and all you have to do is the following:
1. Compose a tweet.
2. Tap ‘LIVE’ and frame your shot
3. Press ‘GO LIVE’ to start broadcasting
It’s that easy!



Survey Finds 85% of Digital Marketers Publish Videos

According to a survey by Search Engine Journal, 85% of respondents publish videos on YouTube, 11% publish videos on Facebook and 4% publish them elsewhere on the web. With expert predictions for video to become even bigger in 2017, expect this figure to rise over the next few months.

owainYou Can Now Bookmark on Instagram!

You’ve long been able to see photos you have liked in the past, but Instagram has just introduced a new feature which allows you to bookmark your favourite snaps from your feed.
Users of the version 10.2 app and newer will now see a bookmark icon below all posts. Selecting this option will bookmark images and categorise them under a private tab on your profile that only you can see.
In Instagram’s announcement it explains:

‘When you stumble upon a funny video you want to remember, a new outfit you like or even inspiration for an upcoming vacation, you can now keep track of favourite posts right from your profile.’

80% Say ‘AI’ Will Revolutionise Marketing by 2020

According to a survey by Demandbase and Wakefield Research, 80% of marketing leaders believe artificial intelligence will revolutionise the marketing industry by 2020.
The same study found that the main anticipated benefit of using AI is to use it for company marketing, however 60% said integrating AI into their existing technology would be a challenge. A further 54% had concerns over training employees and 46% predicted difficulty interpreting the results.

Snapchat Now Has Groups of up to 16 People

Snapchat has added a new feature: a new group chat option that allows up to 16 people to share a conversation and send media to one another. Like a story, these group chats self-delete after 24 hours and snaps can only be viewed once by each member.
There’s also a snazzy extra feature. Want to talk one on one? Then tap on a person’s name at the top of the group chat and you’ll be transported to a one-on-one conversation window.

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