Customer Journey Optimisation: Maintaining A Cross-journey Conversation With Your Customers

by Petros Kipouropoulos BlueVenn

BlueVenn’s latest eBook covers cross-journey communication between brands and their customers. Organisations need to adopt a customer-centric mentality in order to radically improve the way they communicate with consumers. The way customers engage with brands is completely in their own terms; brands and marketers should focus on optimising customer journeys instead of their campaigns.

BlueVenn explain that the customer journey consists of five stages (awareness, consideration, purchase, advocacy, and loyalty) and isn’t necessary linear. Most importantly, customers don’t think of channels the way marketers do; in their eyes there’s a holistic journey conversation and this is what brands should take into account. Customer journey is always on, real-time and perpetual.

Rather than measuring CTR or open rate, businesses must measure responses to their intention. This way, they’ll be able to categorise their audience into progressive and aversive. Combined with measurements such as engagement, timing, and value, in as many journey points as possible, this will allow marketers to create specific microsegments for precision targeted messaging.

Understanding the customer journey and assessing the value of customers is challenging and will be even more so in the future. Within the next three to five years, consumers will expect to interact across touchpoints; mobile specifically, will be the ‘connective tissue’ of many cross-touchpoint interactions. Brands should learn from their customers’ behaviour, rather than just what they are told.

There are four important requirements for customer journey optimisation: unified customer data, customer insight, an omnichannel approach, and marketing automation tools. Brands should maintain unified customer databases, learn how to analyse their customer data in order to build microsegments and personas, offer consumers a seamless, integrated experience, and monitor their campaigns and cross-journey communication through a unified platform.

Cross-journey communication is a tremendously powerful way to measure, assess and optimise customer engagement. Using behavioural knowledge, brands can strengthen the relationships with their customers, offer them rewarding experiences and relish the countless opportunities.

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