Achieving Incremental Sales In Affiliate Marketing

by Awin

How incremental are the sales produced by affiliates? Anyone who works in the performance marketing space regularly asks, or is asked to respond to, this question. Today we publish Client Strategist Owen Hewitson’s report, Achieving Incremental Sales in Affiliate Marketing, looking at this question.

It is one that has been asked for a long time within the affiliate channel, as the demands of today’s deal-conscious consumers have pushed incentive-based sites into a position of dominance on many advertisers’ programmes. But now, with analytics and tagging providers offering advertisers the ability to assess the contribution of each referring touchpoint, the affiliate channel faces scrutiny to account for the ‘incrementality’ of its sales relative to the broader multi-channel mix.

This report is aimed at anyone for whom the question ‘Would I have got this sale anyway?’ is a pertinent one. It is intended not just to answer the common challenges affiliates face in justifying the worth of their sales, but also to advise advertisers on what questions are best to ask their affiliates in order to ascertain the incremental value of the opportunities they may propose.

The report is split into several sections looking at the areas in which questions of incrementality are most often raised. Cashback, voucher codes, behavioural re-targeting and search are all covered, with case studies and best practice examples used to illustrate each.

Click here to download a sample of the report. If you’re interested in receiving the full version please email