Marketing In The Era Of The Breathless Business

Recent research from Octopus Group has found that B2B marketers are over-worked, under-valued and struggling with strategy. 65% are more stressed in their job than they were a year ago and 53% say they have “too much to do with too little time”. Senior marketers are torn between delivering on strategy and getting the day job done, whilst battling to cope in a changing world that’s in hyper-drive. In this session, we’ll be exploring how this situation has arisen and what can be done to tackle it. Find out how to get your breath back by becoming slicker, smarter and stronger through innovation, using available resources better, and renewing the focus on the customer.

Event B2B Spotlight: Digital Marketing Roundtable 13 April 2017

Speaker/s Billy Hamilton-Stent, Client Strategy Director at Octopus Group,