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  • About Spinnaker

    Make a difference. It is the mantra we live by. To be honest we don’t care what side of ‘the line’ we approach things from (what is the line these days anyway?). It is the end game that is important.

    Since 2004 we have been all about building brands using bright thinking and clever creative. Whether you need big thinking strategy, the big creative idea or a very specific discipline brief we’ve got it covered with a team of planners, data specialists, creative conceptual thinkers, designers and digital developers.

    All this excitement has happily led to some satisfying long term client relationships. Lengthy liaisons rooted in trust, good work, positive results and a good vibe. We don’t stand on ceremony. Partnership is what makes things satisfying, fun and, above all, successful.

    Making digital count

    It’s our sweet spot. It’s a pretty confusing wild west of digital options out there. What works, what doesn’t? What’s worth the investment amidst a plethora of latest and greatest?

    Our world revolves around staying in-touch and connected. We have regular seminars across all aspects of digital marketing which help our clients and our team stay tuned to a world that is changing by the minute. We then have a four point plan that we live by….

    Creative isn’t about the one way brand idea anymore – it is about getting people involved and joined-in. Participation driven ideas are pretty much our creative DNA these days.

    Making sense of your Pinterest from your Facebook and your eCRM from your social CRM can be mind blowing. We shed light and inspiration on multi-channel planning.

    The bridge between on and off line is needed more than ever. Both creatively and strategically.

    We make ideas work harder by linking the real and virtual worlds.

  • How do you justify the spend in social media?

    How do you justify the spend in social media?

    Jon will explore an example of ways that marketers are looking to justify their investment in social media.
    Picture Perfect

    Picture Perfect

    Robert Goldsmith, Managing Partner at Spinnaker and Creative Director Chris Da Costa discuss best practice in the use of pictures, video, gaming and other disruptive techniques to drive engagement and facilitate the customer journey.
    Creative Use of Technology within Display Advertising

    Creative Use of Technology within Display Advertising

    Alice at Spinnaker and Katie at Manning Gottlieb OMD discuss the potential of imaginative formats, in-banner content, games and virtual reality, all of which present huge opportunities to deliver media firsts and strong brand engagement.

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