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    We’re Spinnaker.

    A team with a flair for creating innovative, interactive and insight driven marketing.

    We’re about building brands, social sharing and relationship marketing across channels and devices. We deliver advertising, content, social media, and CRM that drive human interaction and engagement. This is borne out of data and insights gathered through observation and listening.

    We could talk for ages about our amazing tools, gizmos and toys but at the end of the day it’s all about how we use them that allows us to make a human connection. We call it brand humanisation.

    We’d love to chat about your brand challenges, and if you would like to see a few examples of when we’ve nailed a tricky brief, outsmarted the competition, performed a world-first, or simply shown a brand’s human side come and have a chat.


  • How do you justify the spend in social media?

    How do you justify the spend in social media?

    Jon will explore an example of ways that marketers are looking to justify their investment in social media.
    Picture Perfect

    Picture Perfect

    Robert Goldsmith, Managing Partner at Spinnaker and Creative Director Chris Da Costa discuss best practice in the use of pictures, video, gaming and other disruptive techniques to drive engagement and facilitate the customer journey.
    Creative Use of Technology within Display Advertising

    Creative Use of Technology within Display Advertising

    Alice at Spinnaker and Katie at Manning Gottlieb OMD discuss the potential of imaginative formats, in-banner content, games and virtual reality, all of which present huge opportunities to deliver media firsts and strong brand engagement.

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