Martin Tavener

CTO Watson Customer Engagement UK&I
IBM Watson Marketing

Martin joined IBM in March 2000 having previously worked in both technical and management roles in the travel and transport industry. Since joining IBM, Martin has spent most of his time working as software architect with many of IBM’s UK Retail clients advising them on both technical and business strategy. As the UKI CTO for Watson Customer Engagement Martin works closely with IBM’s flagship accounts as they look to differentiate themselves via the use of artificial intelligence, analytics and cognitive computing.

Sebastian Thostrup

Software Sales Leader
IBM Watson Marketing

Jeremy Waite

IBM Watson Marketing

Jeremy is an evangelist for IBM Watson Marketing, where he talks about marketing trends and how cognitive systems like IBM’s Watson will revolutionise the future of marketing. Jeremy has been voted the most influential person on twitter for #BigData and one of the top 30 digital marketers globally. In previous roles he has been the Head of Strategy for Salesforce Marketing Cloud and the Head of Social Strategy for Adobe Marketing Cloud. Jeremy is currently writing UBERNOMICS ~ the story of the world’s fastest growing tech company.

Justis Saayman

Strategic Marketing Consultant
IBM Watson Marketing

As a Managing Consultant at IBM Watson Marketing, Justis assists clients with the planning and execution of advanced marketing strategies or the management of integration projects to maximise marketing output. Essentially, he assimilates the marketing strategies of his clients to advise on strategically sound campaigns and hypothesis driven testing programs to achieve statistically significant results. The majority of his work revolves in understanding the client and maximising the effect of any and all marketing touch points be it e-mail, social, web or traditional marketing efforts.