Agency: WebBox Digital


Having partnered before for branding consultancy and graphic design, T2 recently approached WebBox again to use its services once again to give the existing website a complete design overhaul.

T2 desired a fresh, modern and unique website that took their users on a visual journey through the services that they offer.



Without using a template, WebBox set about designing mock-ups of how it envisaged the website to look and worked closely with T2 to refine these.



The existing website was built using WordPress – which was the preferred CMS – therefore WebBox kept this in place.

It designed a unique flow of information on the home page, which users could navigate through. The user first gets to know T2, then they are “wowed” with dynamic statistics and finally they are directed to contact T2 to find out more.



The recent redesign of T2’s website had a strict deadline as they were due to deliver a presentation at a conference in America. In addition to testing and launching the new website in time for the presentation, WebBox also designed a new printed brochure for them to handout at the conference.

The overhaul of T2 UK’s website has resulted in a fresh, visually impactful website that achieves their desired goals and has reassured their existing clients of the company’s progression.

The flow of information on the home page that takes users through a journey is a truly unique development, and the result carries a real ‘wow factor’. The company has received an increased number of enquiries through their online contact form since it was placed at the end of this unique customer journey.

The redesign has also provided T2 with the ability to demonstrate their latest services and skills to a new audience through conferences worldwide.