Agency: ROAST


Stratajet, a real-time private jet booking application, had spent five years building a highly-polished service and product, which included a real-time booking capability (a market first) and required an agency to help them scale their business within the competitive aviation space.

Similarly, at the time of appointment, ROAST were a young, fast-growing business, and the partnership provided the perfect platform for nimble, innovative strategy as both companies grew.


In Phase One, ROAST set about creating an integrated search strategy (both SEO and PPC) ensuring that the look and feel of the brand flowed through their online presence.  Working closely with Stratajet’s PR team, ROAST shared information on brand positioning and messaging, allowing Stratajet to align messaging with offline channels and share insights. Through analysis and testing, they were able to advise Stratajet on their most important days of week, hours of day and also the importance of mobile; data which they then used to help plan marketing releases and time spent dedicated to their mobile website and app. The key metric worked to during this phase was registrations. This allowed ROAST to build up an audience of users which were interested in the brand, generating an engaged user-base for future activity and providing insights on the type of people to target for more efficient prospecting.

Phase Two was initiated with the aim of using the audience insights gained in Phase One to drive actual bookings as Roast’s main KPI, which allowed them to optimise towards increasing revenue for the business. They refreshed the messaging, focusing on CTAs such as ‘book today’ for campaigns that performed well towards the bottom of the funnel, and added introductory messaging such as ‘search flights today’ for those that performed better further up. This also helped them allocate budget much more effectively. ROAST also identified areas of their offering that Stratajet could dominate in, for example the lack of competitor traffic for ‘adaptive empty legs’ meant that it was a cost-effective way of capturing non-brand traffic through PPC. Not only this but by working alongside Stratajet’s PR team, ROAST were able to create a direct link in Google’s brand entity associations between Stratajet and ‘empty leg’, through online co-citations, which in turn meant Stratajet would rank highly when the term was searched.


680 registrations in January 2017 up from 3 in January 2016

34 per cent uplift in bookings after one month


‘Stratajet has a very specific target market, and therefore has to be intelligent about getting the offering in front of potential customers. We partnered with ROAST due to the way they utilise market intelligence blended with their technical ability to target the correct consumers, at the right time and place. I have worked with the team at ROAST for many years, and their continued commitment to generating results is un-paralleled.’

Ricardo Gato, CMO