Agency: The Cogworks

The Challenge

Scholl, a leading global foot care company with products sold in over 50 countries, asked The Cogworks to complete a global site migration from an old and unresponsive CMS to a new Umbraco instance to improve site performance and usability.

The challenge was to work within a very short timeline due to the imminent launch of three new products in Spring 2016. A site migration from one CMS to another is never straightforward as different systems have different functionality, making it impossible to replicate a site entirely. This challenge meant designing, developing, and content populating 39 sites in 20 languages within six months, and creating a consistent Scholl brand identity globally.

The Solution

To meet the Spring 2016 deadline, we planned the content migration over two phases. As an Agile driven company, the design, development, and content teams worked closely together through iterative releases. Weekly meetings were essential between all the stakeholders allowing The Cogworks to demonstrate the progress on each site, work on solutions, and define priorities.

Dividing the content team into smaller sub teams, they were able to focus directly on populating specific areas of each site allowing for a quicker and more accurate turnaround. The product team, for example, managed the content of all 1300 products. The Cogworks also assigned a dedicated testing team to ensure the quality of every piece of content during the course of the project.

The Results

The Cogworks successfully delivered 26 campaign pages across 14 key Scholl markets for Phase One including the delivery of video CMS tutorials to the brand and agency partners.

In Phase Two, the content, design, and development teams worked collaboratively, launching the first four global priority markets within two months and continued to launch further markets in groups of 10 in the subsequent months.

The project took 12 content editors to migrate 39 Scholl websites across 20 languages with over 1300 products and more than 9000 pages.

These sites are now much better equipped to handle site traffic and direct visitors to key product pages, and were all delivered on time and within budget.

Pro Tip

“Working with such a large global rollout challenged us to always think one step ahead in terms of anticipating new language fonts, creating dual-language sites, and managing country specific campaigns.” Huan Song, Content Project Manager

From The Client

“Thanks for your hard work on the project and going above and beyond pretty much all the time to get the sites live!” Simon Oboler, Global Digital Brand Manager – Health Wellbeing