Agency: iomart

RedWeb moved to a secure, private cloud platform with iomart to support its client websites.

The Brief

Redweb is one of the UK’s leading digital agencies. It has a raft of household names and government organisations as clients, many of which are responsible for very sensitive data.

The agency had traditionally consumed hosting from a number of providers but this didn’t allow it the end-to-end control it wanted from initial scoping and deployment, to the operational cycle and through to decommissioning.

The decision to move to a dedicated private cloud platform with iomart has given Redweb the required level of control from a hosting provider that shares the agency’s approach to information security.

The Method

Redweb has a highly available, secure private cloud platform from which it can manage its virtual machines, backups and disaster recovery. Maintaining complete separation, the agency can carve up the resources according to its clients’ requirements (which can change on the fly).

Redweb has another, smaller, private cloud environment in an iomart data centre at a different geographical location which acts as a backup for the main platform.

The Results

When Redweb wins a new piece of business it is more than likely to move the new client into this private cloud environment. The agency also has the facility to architect a separate dedicated platform depending on a client’s future business requirements.

iomart and Redweb work very much as partners, such as for the 2016 publication of the Chilcot Report into the war in Iraq where iomart engineers provided network and engineering support during the launch of the 12 volume publication.

“By choosing Redweb and iomart our clients get the best experience across the full stack – which means creativity, flexibility and reliability whether we’re talking web applications or infrastructure,” says David Benham, Head of Client Services for Redweb. “Our combined expertise means we present a really united and positive option when we’re bidding for new business.”