Millwood Servicing Ltd

Agency: Salamandra Design and Digital Ltd.

The Brief

Salamandra was approached by Millwood Servicing Ltd to create an animation to act as a corporate explainer, with the primary objectives being; the creation of informative content to educate potential customers on the products and services offered, to generate new leads and to increase brand awareness online.

Prior to this project, Millwood Servicing Ltd had grown purely on referrals and word of mouth. It needed to begin more of a concentrated marketing effort. Some efforts were made with a various campaigns – however the brand had not lead to any clear leads. Therefore, Salamandra saw this as a great way to demonstrate the appeal and benefits of the animation format, particularly in its ability to convey complex and informative messages concisely.


The Solution

The brief required Salamandra to dive head first into the topic of fire safety, and gain enough of an understanding to be able to condense the subject into an informative and concise  one minute animation.

The project started with Salamandra’s key client communication – a briefing that allows for analysis of the target audience and a discussion of the desired tone, manner and outcome of the project.  Once conversant in their brand essence and intentions, Salamandra simultaneously created the script and the mood boards for the animation. The script was produced around three words that Millwood Servicing employees thought best summed up their company. The mood boards were created using imagery that resonates well with their brand and reflects the style of the desired script.

After client approval production began on the storyboard, which informed the client on the foundations of the animation. Throughout the process consistent feedback was gained as a means of ensuring the project was on track for meeting compliance.


The main challenge for Salamandra in the production of this animation was successfully and authentically conveying the intricacies of the Fire Safety and Electrical Engineering industry standards, while still maintaining Millwood’s emphasis on a trustworthy and personal service by a family run business. The team was able to design a flat colour with grain effect animation style, which fully complimented the client’s business ethos while preserving the informative and engaging character of animation.


The Results

Audience response and reaction have yet to be recorded, as the animation itself has just been launched. However, the Millwood team stated that ‘[the animation] has brought our ideas in principle to life [and] has been more than instrumental in developing our newly created brand’ – praise that speaks to the ability of animation to successfully communicate the essence of any business. Since completing the animation phase, Salamandra has been commissioned to continue to develop the online and digital marketing for Millwood. This will include the design and development of a new website to highlight the animation and ‘newly created brand’.