Life Fitness

Agency: Pancentric Digital

Life Fitness wanted to increase sales of fitness equipment across the world and realised that educating its sales force effectively would be key. Pancentric Digital helped the brand to develop an e-learning tool that surpassed all expectations.

The Challenge

Life Fitness wanted a new way to educate its workforce about products in order to boost sales and improve customer service. Previous attempts to engage the 600-strong sales team had failed and off the shelf e-learning systems didn’t fit the bill. A transformational digital approach was required.

Our Work

By looking at the problem from a service design point of view, Pancentric Digital identified competition as the thing that makes sales and sports people tick. The team built this into a new e-learning solution, the Life Fitness Academy, which combines video tutorials, tests and league tables with gaming and social features.

The Results

Life Fitness’s six-month target of achieving 50 per cent participation was exceeded within three weeks and continues to increase. Individuals achieved their learning goals, while sharing these achievements and tips with colleagues from across the world. Now, Pancentric is working with Life Fitness on phase two, which will engage even more of the workforce. 6,000 individual sessions were completed in the first six months of the campaign, and 2,611 interactions posted on the activity feed in six months. The Academy was a great hit with users, with 2,193 exams completed in the six months after launch. 72 per cent of users activated their accounts in the first six months.