Hotel du Vin

Agency: Awin

Hotel du Vin are a boutique hotel chain with a brand image built on luxury, fine wine and fine dining. They wanted to increase awareness of their affiliate programme by offering an incentive to their base of content publishers. Affiliate Window discuss how they worked with Equator to help increase click traffic by 220 per cent with an ‘Advertiser of the Month’ placement

The Incentive

Hotel du Vin implemented a month-long publisher incentive to motivate and engage their affiliate base. Each booking generated by an affiliate was counted towards a ballot entry to win an overnight stay at one of Hotel du Vin’s boutique hotels.

The incentive was inclusive of all affiliate types and the number of ballots was capped at 10 to keep the competition fair. Additionally, there was a content focus for the opportunity to win a meal for two in one of Hotel du Vin’s bistros, with examples of heightened exposure entered into a prize draw.

Content publishers were encouraged to provide visual examples of where they were promoting the brand.

The examples above highlight the heightened exposure entries from content affiliates.
Throughout the incentive, Hotel du Vin saw click traffic increase by 220 per cent and the average number of affiliate programme applications double. They found this incentive an excellent tool for affiliate recruitment, as well as raising awareness of the brand.

Presence at Key Communication Points

In order to maximise coverage of the incentive, Hotel du Vin secured placement as Affiliate Window’s ‘Advertiser of the Month’. This gave heightened exposure on Affiliate Window’s publisher portal TheHub, and their weekly publisher newsletter, for the duration of the month.

This positioning allowed Hotel du Vin to grab the attention of publishers and engage with them creatively, while building upon their brand image throughout the affiliate space.

Furthermore, Hotel du Vin ran an email campaign which included details of the incentive, providing affiliates with deep links to location-based offers that encouraged engagement.


The table below details the effects on performance for the month of February:

The results show that average basket values (ABV) increased by 5 per cent on average, which supports the growth of the programme over the month of February. Moreover, click traffic experienced week-on-week growth, with a spike in week three that was connected to an entry from a content affiliate. It is evident that the incentive did drive a greater number of clicks in comparison to the previous month, which shows the positive effect the competition had on traffic performance.

Hotel du Vin approved 95 per cent of new programme applications, with the majority of publisher types listed as editorial content. This allowed the brand to progress with a wider goal of interacting more closely with content publishers. The competition gave us a clearer indication of affiliates who secure booking conversions, allowing Hotel du Vin to develop strategic relationships that will add further value to their programme.

Hotel du Vin welcomed nine new publishers on board, contacting each individually to ascertain how the brand can be best promoted on their site.