Agency: Anicca Digital

BearingPoint is a global business consulting firm. The company turned to Anicca Digital to identify and solve international SEO issues and increase the organic traffic of 27 websites across global markets. Anicca Digital discuss the work


BearingPoint wanted to understand why the vast majority of the 27 regional sites were not generating traffic through organic listings. They also wanted to upskill their regional teams on content optimisation, so that any new content would facilitate an increase in the visibility of the sites within their respective search engines.


We proposed conducting a thorough investigation into each of the language/region site variants, in order to better understand the problems that hindered visibility.

We felt that the most effective way of training multiple teams across different continents was to create an optimisation blueprint which could be used for optimising case studies and blog posts. A central training resource—accessible by all—would house training materials.


We carried out audits of each of the 27 websites to assess the technical, on-page and off-page elements and to highlight any improvements that could be made. Once identified, the poorer performing sites were mapped against their stronger counterparts. This exercise allowed us to ascertain which gaps existed and how they could be filled.

The findings of the audit are below:


We found that several technical elements hadn’t been coded properly, which meant that the sites were not able to be correctly listed in their regional versions of Google. This made it difficult for users to find the sites within their local search engines. We created a comprehensive guide on how these could be rectified.


Duplicate content formed a large part of the on-page issues. Overlaps between same language, multiple language versions and global content exposed the sites to duplicate content penalties. Therefore, a content marketing plan—guided, in part, by the technical fixes—was crafted with suggestions on how best to overcome these issues.


We found multiple spammy link issues across all sites and a lack of quality links on low performing sites.

As part of the audits, we created a unique link-earning strategy for each of the sites, with suggestions on how to earn high value links in a bid to raise the domain authority and aid regional rankings. This solution works in part with the on-page content audit, using quality content ideas to earn links.

In order to address the lack of consistency in and knowledge of content optimisation, we created an optimisation blueprint for the regional teams so that they would know how to optimise case studies and blog posts. The blueprints were part of a range of training materials hosted on an online training portal built by Anicca Digital. By having an online training portal, the client is able to upload new, up-to-date resources with ease.


Up until the audits had been carried out, the client had no understanding of the problems that were preventing them from generating any organic traffic to the regional sites. They now understand in full what errors exist but, more importantly, how these errors can be fixed. Anicca’s findings and recommendations allow the brand to compete at an international scale, subsequently rewriting the client’s digital strategy.

The regional teams are now able to access brand-approved training materials at their convenience. These resources help not only to improve the optimisation of content, but to maintain a level of consistency across each of the regions. By creating content that is optimised, the teams stand a much better chance of further improving the visibility of their respective sites within their regional search engines.