Anglian Home Improvements

Agency: Awin

Anglian Home Improvements (AHI) launched their new Lead Generation campaign with Affiliate Window in September 2011.

Previously they had experienced lead quality issues when working with an open publisher campaign, this included a lack of control over lead validity and the inability to dynamically de-duplicate. As a consequence the campaign was closed.

Working closely with their digital agency Latitude, Affiliate Window re-built the campaign with tight lead controls, verifying the data customers submit before it is passed onto AHI and testing a variety of new lead sources.

A new data capture form was created specifically for affiliate referred traffic, allowing the focus on the customer requesting a call back whilst also containing short areas of additional product information too.

Data Verification
Once the customer request for a call back is submitted, the data is passed into lead verification software. Various checks are then executed, including:

  • Use of obscenities
  • Famous names
  • Incorrect syntax on email address/use of 24 hour email accounts
  • Live & connected phone number

A lead that does not pass all checks is reviewed by a human before discarding or correcting and sending to AHI.

New partners
A test and learn programme was implemented to work through various untried lead sources to ascertain which would drive adequate lead quality for AHI. Successful partners then being retained and optimised, with the team building on this by sourcing new like for like opportunities to grow lead volumes organically.


  • Massive monthly volume increase, up 8.5 times YoY
  • Up to 18% dud leads removed per month
  • Affiliate CPL reduced by 14% + call centre processing savings
  • 122% Increase in active affiliates
  • Controlling lead quality has given AHI confidence in utilising publishers to drive leads

Craig Jackson, Head of Affiliate Marketing from Latitude says: “We’ve been live with Affiliate Window’s lead generation solution for approximately nine months now. Utilising the technology now available via Affiliate Window, we have switched to verification checks to filter out erroneous data before Anglian Home Improvements receive the leads. Since implementing the verification checks, the lead quality coming through the CPL campaign has increased significantly. This has given us the confidence to open up the programme to a greater number of publishers, and generate additional leads, without our previous concerns about lead quality.”