M-Commerce: The Complete Picture – 2nd Edition

by Jessica Ramesh Awin

Today we released the 2nd edition of our m-commerce white paper.

Key topics included in the report are outlined below or you can click here to download the full white paper.

For reference, our first m-commerce white paper, published in November 2011 can be found here.

Mobile growth trends

• Search
• Display
• Location based services
• Mobile payments

Mobile trends seen through Affiliate Window

• Sales
• Traffic
• Sector specific traffic
• Conversion rates
• Sales by day of the week

Advertisers with mobile sites

Benefits of mobile optimised sites (with tracking in place)

• Uplift in sales through a mobile checkout
• Improved AOV through a mobile checkout
• Shorter lag times through a mobile checkout

The importance of affiliate tracking


Developments to our platform

Opportunities through the performance channel

• Location based marketing/incentivised opportunities
• Mobile price comparison
• Paid search
• Call tracking

If you have any questions or would like to speak with a member of the Strategy Team regarding any of the mobile stats or details, please email Strategy.