The Figaro Digital Digest: 3rd November 2017

by Liberty Marketing Figaro Digital

Just a few days into November there have been some big updates announced. We’ve summed up all the biggest stories of the week into bite-sized chunks below for your easy reading.

Snapchat Announces Pixel Tracking for Advertisers

What happens after someone sees your Snapchat ad? Well, until now, no one could be certain. However, Snapchat has now announced its ‘Snap Pixel’ which will allow advertisers to create code for their websites which will track specific actions that someone takes after viewing an ad.

Once set up, advertisers will have access to real time data collected within 28 days of someone viewing or engaging with an ad allowing analysis and basic measurement insights.

Instagram Stories Are Getting More Obvious

The photo sharing app has redesigned its stories panel to encourage users to engage with this feature more. Stories will no longer just appear as small circles at the top of a user’s feed, but also within a larger panel at regular intervals between posts. Deemed as a ‘re-engagement’ panel, this will make stories considerably more prominent.

Smartphone Usage Among Young People Has Fallen

For some time, there has been a stereotype of young people being constantly on their phones, however the tides may be turning. According to a study by Kantar TNS, smartphone usage among 16-24 year olds has fallen for the first time.

Young people now spend 2.8 hours on their phone a day, down from 3.9 hours last year. This reflects the report’s findings which revealed 34 per cent of this age group felt that they spend too much time on their phones and that they want to cut down usage. Despite this intention, 16 to 24 year-olds still spend longer on their phones on an average day than any other age group.

Study Reveals 5 Most Over-Hyped Marketing Buzzwords

Over the years there have been many buzzwords in the marketing sector that have come and gone. In fact, we got rather sick of hearing ‘content is king’ back in 2014/2015. Well, we’re not alone. A recent study by Resulticks has surveyed marketers to find the most over-hyped buzzwords and concepts of the moment. Here is what they found:

• 47 per cent – Artificial Intelligence (AI)
• 31 per cent – Big Data
• 23 per cent – Omnichannel
• 20 per cent – Real-time Marketing
• 14 per cent – Personalisation

What causes this over-hype? The research found 55 per cent of marketers blamed technology vendors, whereas 38 per cent said journalists and bloggers were at fault.

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