The Figaro Digital Digest: 28th October 2016

by Liberty Marketing

It’s that time of the week again, where we collate all of the latest happenings from the magical world of marketing. So, what’s the latest?

AMP Containers Are Added to Google Tag Manager

More mobile support is being given to Google Tag Manager thanks to new accelerated mobile page (AMP) containers that will allow users to tag beyond basic page view needs.
Google has also extended these AMP containers to advertising platforms like AdWords and DoubleClick. As the company states in its Analytics blog:

‘You will find more than 20 tag types available out of the box including a variety of 3rd party vendor tags. We also made sure that firing your tags is a breeze with great coverage of AMP’s triggers as readily available built-in Tag Manager triggers.’

So, how do you start tagging AMP pages? Simply create a new container for your AMP site, place the Tag Manager snippet on your AMP pages, create a tag, then preview and publish.

49% of Digital Time is Spent Using Smartphone Apps

The 2016 US Mobile App Report has now been released and it could have some interesting data to inform our marketing activities here in the UK.
The study has found that almost half (49%) of all the time consumers spend using digital media is used on smartphone apps. This equates to about 74 hours per month. The 18 to 24-year-old demographic scored particularly high in this section, spending on average 93.5 hours on their smartphones per month.
However, the survey also found 49% of people don’t download new apps every month and just 13% of people download one a month.


You Can Now Create Expanded Text Ads on Bing

Back in August it was reported that Bing was running expanded text ads in beta, but now they have officially rolled out. Whether you use the web UI, Bing Ads Editor or the Bing Ads API, you can now create new, longer-format ads. You can even import them from Google AdWords!
Bing’s recommendations for optimising these longer ads are similar to those provided by Google when it launched its extended ads, including testing these new formats against existing campaigns to see what works best for your brand.

CRM Study Reveals 38% Use Real-Time Analytics Data

Adobe have surveyed 735 digital marketers from around the world to see how their use of data differs. The survey found that most use customer relationship management (CRM) data to inform their understanding of their customer, and two-thirds use augmented data. 40% also said they integrate analytics across all of their channels.

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