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We’re Figaro Digital, a publishing company and events organisation dedicated to new thinking in digital marketing. We host seminars, conferences and digital health checks. We also publish a quarterly magazine and an Annual Source Guide packed with essays, interviews, case studies and original research.


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Nurturing your Ecommerce Customers with Marketing Automation
Steve Shaw, Digital Director at Branded3, explains how marketing automation can drive increased revenue, return custom and build lifetime customer value.

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Builtvisible's infographic for Fairmont Hotels comparing the cultural capital of London and NYC.

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Read a full-round up of issues discussed at our Web Build Seminar.

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Read a full-round up of issues discussed at our Web Build Seminar.
Stephen Kenwright at Branded3 on why your SEO and PR teams need to talk.
Robert Goldsmith at Spinnaker on why evidence-driven marketing can help humanise your brand.

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